Asset Managementfor IT Equipment

Nypon provides a secure, systematic solution to IT asset management. We’ll help you maximize the value of your surplus hardware portfolio easily, safely and responsibly.

What is our difference?

Nypon Ltd. helps enterprise, SME and network operator clients find an EOL solution for their surplus electronics. Located in the heart of Estonia, we work with partners across the Nordic region and Europe.

Our efficient processing methods mean we are able to offer our partners excellent value. But what really sets Nypon apart is integrity and transparent business ethics. Whether it’s tracking what happens to your device every step of the way to resale, or being straight with you about what we’ll do and when, we aim for total accountability and transparency.

That’s the Nypon difference.


We use military-grade erasure and overwrite tools to completely eliminate your data. Even data recovery professionals can’t recover it. Your business data is safe.

Military grade, US DoE M205.1-2 – compliant erasure and overwrite gives you total protection

Fully traceable, tamper-proof audit logs and erasure certificates are stored in our secure database

Hard drives and SSDs erased and overwritten: none of your data can be recovered.

Smartphones, tablets, PCs and Apple Macs: all the hardware we handle is made secure

If a device can’t be erased for any reason, we securely destroy the hard drive and other data storage.

Full overview on IMEI/Serial Number Level and condition created. You get a detailed report.


We track every device, every action we take and every component. The aim? Full transparency, total accountability.

  • We trace every device from the moment it leaves your premises.
  • Partnership with Postnord and TNT for secure, traceable delivery.
  • Devices are stored in our secure facility.
  • TV surveillance and serial number tracking site wide
  • Product database and security data backup procedures mean each product we handle stays traceable for many years to come.


At the heart of everything Nypon does is our commitment to integrity. It extends to our business partners, our suppliers, our community and our environment.

  • Nypon buys surplus electronics for reuse.
  • Increased durability.
  • Reduced demand on natural resources.
  • Reduced electronics waste.
  • Compliant with WEE and European Parliament Directive 2002/96 / EC.
  • Waste handling license from the Estonian Environmental Agency.
  • Certification to import electronic waste from the Nordic market.
  • CO2 savings for submitted electronics in our reporting.
  • Every piece of hardware we receive is verified in CheckMEND’s global database to ensure that the device is legitimate.

We are leading the way in our industry in responsible and compliant handling of goods across borders. We’re cutting down electronics waste.

And we’re accessing the value of surplus IT for our suppliers and partners.

Nypon is a reliable IT asset management company that is always working to exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Guarantee to deliver high quality services to our customers.
  • Offer quick, reliable, secure and innovative solutions for IT asset management and recycling.
  • Monitor the environmental aspects of all our activities.
  • Ensure proper handling of IT equipment to prevent and reduce environmental risks and pollution.
  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations that apply to our company.
  • Operate a zero tolerance policy against corruption.
  • Guarantee safe working environment and avoid hazard to life/health
  • Promise to continuously improve our company’s management system.